I have been lucky enough to design award winning and innovative products that have helped many companies grow and succeed internationally. Here are a few examples.


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Sketching and Concept Origination


Ideation and conceptual development is the short stage of the project where there is infinite possibility. The research and workshops have brought to light opportunities, established problems or unmet needs and the designer can build a set of ideas that will form the basis of the product concepts. At this stage I find working in loose freehand sketch format is the most efficient.

Design Development


Embodying ideas into refined concepts that can be communicated to the wider team for feedback. Ideas meet mechanical solutions. 

Model Making and Prototyping


Prototyping happens throughout the design process. Some products are more suited to begin design and development with physical models, especially where ergonomic requirements are paramount or the material dictates the design possibilities. In this case I like to sketch in 3D, sometimes with plasticine, sometimes whatever is at hand: paper, wire, duct tape. But as the design firms up, more precise methods and more representative materials  are needed. And somethimes it's necessary to create models that are suitable for product photography or design verification testing.


I have experience making all types of prototypes; from foam to five axis machining, from micro electronics to architectural installations.

Design for Manufacture


My knowledge of production process has formed through working closely with many manufacturers throughout the design and build process. These relationships have given me confidence and competence in many areas of manufacture but I always enjoy learning about and trying new processes or applying a known process to a new material to push manufacturers' capabilities. 

CAD Modelling and Rendering


I have used several CAD packages but Solidworks is my closest ally. I have used Solidworks for over 15 years. I am highly proficient in parametric modelling, surfacing and rendering. 

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