Smartbar 2: 2018, Work done at 4ormfunction


BCS BagGate: 2011-14, Work done at 4ormfunction


The brief was to research and design an equipment solution for use in the Les Mills group fitness class BODYPUMP:

“It must be innovative to reflect our programme and Les Mills brand. We want unique intellectual property and it must be cool”

The result was the globally patented and multi award winning Les Mills SMARTBARTM. A unique fast plate changeover barbell specifically designed for the needs of group fitness classes - along with weight plates that are ergonomic and versatile in their use. I was involved in the development of the whole range of Les Mills SmartTech equipment and took a leading role in the development of the 2nd Generation Smartbar.

Four years, four generations to streamline the airport check-in experience: BAGgate for BCS.


I was then responsible for designing a production version, (2nd gen) designed for batch production and customisation, with a Single and Double configuration.  I was the sole designer and managed the design, prototyping and production of the first five systems (approximately $1/2 million build). 


The 3rd generation was the design of a modular kiosk to suit various airport requirements and regulations including the incorporation of two large bag tag printers.  The result was radical and highly successful. The kiosk was so slim it was possible to wall mount or hang from the Hoop, or be integrated into a wall. This flexibility and serviceable design made it suitable for retro-fitting to existing airports and helped BCS convert many large opportunities.


Lastly I lead a team pitching to an offshore airport in partnership with BCS to develop a new system that was adaptable over the transition to automated baggage drop off. We presented a system with pivoting screens allowing an attendant to aid check-in when needed.

Stanley Smart Measure Pro: 2015, Work done for ikeGPS at 4ormfunction

New product design, design direction. 


Following up on the ikeGPS Spike where I led the concept refinement, mechanical design and production, ikeGPS attracted the attention of Stanley who saw the massive potential of the technolgy. Shoot and measure; More than a laser measurement device. You can measure nearly anything in the photo. Cool technology and a great and challenging project to lead, and it was a great success.

I led the project from concept through to production handover, doing the industrial design, CAD surfacing, mechanical detailing of the external components and working closely with the engineers developing the clamp mechanism and optics.

SleepTracker watch: 2008, Work done at ByMethod

SleepTracker engaged ByMethod at a strategic level, which I lead, to revitalise the company.


SleepTracker is a sleep monitor. Sleeptracker wanted to maximise the investment they had made in the electronic hardware of a wearable sleep monitor (that wasn't selling because it was too big) and "re-design" it to make it something that could be worn every day. The challenge was making it appear smaller without changing the internal volume. The brief was to reduce the visual volume and appeal to a sporty, professional demographic.


My role was the lead designer, working closely with the client and marketing team to establish a design language for a range of products to be built on. Once an aesthetic was established I developed the professional sport concept as the first to market. I provided production ready 3D CAD files as well as providing colour, materials and finish specifications.


Designed in 2007 -2008 this design is still in production. 

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